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VAT Services

Our VAT services package includes the following services for your business:

VAT Returns

  • Preparation of your VAT returns from the books and records provided by you
  • Submission of VAT returns on your behalf to HMRC or Revenue
  • Advising on VAT payments due to HMRC/Revenue or refunds due from HMRC/Revenue

Your responsibilities: What do you need to do?

Your responsibilities in respect of your VAT returns are as follows:

  • You will ensure that your VAT books, systems and records are reliable, accurate and complete. This includes maintaining your books on Xero no less than once per month, although we highly recommend that you update Xero every week.
  • You will submit your VAT records to our office on a timely basis for the completion of your VAT returns
  • Your VAT returns must be approved by you prior to submission of same on your behalf to HMRC or Revenue
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that any VAT due to HMRC/Revenue is paid by the due date in order to avoid interest/surcharges thereon
  • You will provide us with the agent authorisation code issued to you by HMRC/Revenue in order to formerly appoint us as your VAT agent with HMRC Online

Your VAT returns must be submitted to HMRC by the end of the month following the period end to which they relate – e.g. VAT quarter to 30th June must be filed and paid by 31st July.

With this in mind, your VAT records must be completed and submitted to our office no later than 10th working day of month in which the return is due to be filed with HMRC/Revenue.

Our responsibilities: What will we do for you?

Our responsibilities in the delivery of our VAT services package are as follows:

  • We will compile your VAT returns based on the books and records provided by you and other information and explanations you give to us about your VAT affairs
  • We will advise you on appropriate VAT treatment of certain types of expenditure and whether or not these should be included or excluded from your VAT returns
  • We will submit your VAT returns to HMRC/Revenue on your behalf within the statutory time limits and filing deadlines (subject to the timely delivery by you of your records and/or other information to our office)
  • We will advise your VAT to be paid over to HMRC/Revenue, the due date for payment and methods of payment available

Exclusions: What’s not included as part of this package?

The following list provides a list of the most common examples of services not included within our normal VAT services:

  • Assistance with any HMRC/Revenue enquiry into your VAT returns
  • Advising on special transactions for VAT purposes such as transaction involving property
  • VAT registration and/or deregistration with HMRC

If your business is selected for enquiry by HMRC/Revenue in respect of its VAT affairs, we will issue separate terms and conditions for such services including respective responsibilities, pricing and payment terms.