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The Team at Cloud 360 Accounting

Kieran Phelan FCA

Managing Director and Principal

Email: [email protected] Skype: kieran.phelan1977

What else do I love besides the numbers:
Spending time with my two ladies (my good lady wife Emma and our little daughter Emily), running with Foyle Valley AC, listening to old skool dance music, reading up on how to do business better.

Favourite songs or music:
Anything by Coldplay, quality house music

Favourite films:
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings

If I wasn’t here I’d be…
Resident DJ at Cafe Mambo on sunset strip in San Antonio, Ibiza!

Kieran is a chartered accountant, a Fellow member of Chartered Accountants Ireland and a Xero certified virtual advisor.

Way back in July 2010, Kieran kick-started our firm with a vision of a new and better way of delivering accounting services to small businesses.

After 15 years employed in two other local accountancy practices (including one of the ‘Big 4’), Kieran decided the time was right to go into business with a much more modern and customer-focused approach to delivering professional services.

“I felt the time was right to take an ‘outside-in’ approach to running an accounting firm, to look at what it is small business customers really want and need. And with Xero and other cloud-based financial solutions, I found a truly 21st century way of working with our clients, helping small businesses to understand their numbers in real-time instead of looking into the past, enabling better business decision making, made at exactly the right time, and made based on up-to-date financial info at your fingertips!’

Kieran oversees all our clients’ affairs, making sure everyone is getting exceptional service at every given opportunity.

Donna Campbell

Senior Client Manager

Email: [email protected]

What else do I love besides the numbers:
Downtime with the family, shoes and shopping!

Favourite songs or music:
Florence and the Machine, Hozier, David Holmes, DJ Andy Smith

Favourite films:
Out of Sight, Man on Fire (Actually anything with Denzel!)

If I wasn’t here I’d be…
On a beach somewhere sunny

Donna is our senior client manager, a part qualified chartered accountant and certified Xero advisor.

Donna joined the team in October 2015 and has taken over a large portfolio of our clients, ranging from small self-employed persons with basic compliance needs to limited companies with regular reporting requirements, as well as annual statutory audits for charitable organisations.

In her role as virtual business consultant, Donna is helping to develop the online and cloud side of our clients’ businesses, working with clients on Xero, Receipt Bank and other cool cloud systems, helping clients to work closely with us on the development and growth of their business and helping to make their bookkeeping routines easy and enjoyable!

Donna also oversees work by our junior client managers and helps ensure their client deadlines are met and improving the way they work with their clients using the cloud.

Linda Doherty

Client Manager

Email: [email protected] Skype: linda.doherty1984

What else do I love besides the numbers:
Besides numbers, I love Irish Dancing and I also run the Legenderry School of Irish Dance (plug plug…)

Favourite songs or music:
I have so many favourite songs and bands so couldn’t possibly choose one but I do love a bit of Queen, 90’s R&B (which brings me back to my teenage years) and Hanson! (yes the 3 blondies that sing Mmmmbop!…don’t judge!)

Favourite films:
Bridget Jones Diary, Total Recall and any comedy with Will Ferrell in it makes my day!

If I wasn’t here I’d be…
Performing in Lord of the Dance with Michael Flatley at my side (I wish!)

Linda is our next client manager and has been with the firm since April 2013. Linda looks after a lot of our small business and self employed clients, helping with their year end accounting needs and getting their tax returns filed online with HMRC.

Linda is our payroll provider and processes weekly and monthly payroll for our clients, providing payslips and getting all the necessary RTI online filings completed and up-to-date. Linda is also a Xero certified advisor and is helps bring more and more new clients and business online with their financial systems and bookkeeping.


Marisa McCallion

Payroll & Administration Manager

Email: [email protected]

What else do I love besides the numbers:
I’m fortunate enough to have 2 amazing sons, so they take up most of my spare time. I also work as an insurance broker with a well known company that redefines standards ;-).

Favourite songs or music:
I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, so almost anything with a beat will get me moving lol

Favourite films:
The typical girly romcoms, but also a few classics, i.e. the Godfathers, Shawshank etc… not forgetting a bit of Dirty Dancing 😉

If I wasn’t here I’d be…
Enjoying a long weekend

Marisa joined the firm in April 2017 as our client payroll manager and administration assistant. She manages weekly and monthly payroll services for our clients and ensures our clients are compliant when it comes to dealing with their employees and with HMRC. Marisa is responsible for keeping our office paperless systems running smoothly, maintaining and improving our client database, on-boarding and sign up procedures for new clients and also keeping track on ongoing client jobs with the team.

Marisa works closely with Kieran to ensure that we have as much information on our clients’ affairs as we need to ensure we are delivering the best quality service across our wide range of clients.