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If you want to learn from the recent past, make changes to your business in the present, and put a financial plan in place for the future, with ongoing reviews and rolling forecasts ………… then click here to get a quote!

Our ‘360 Beyond’ package is for those businesses who want to keep a close eye on their business today but who want to keep looking forward and planning ahead, so they can plan for the future and keep adopting to changes in their business.

What are the big benefits of this package?

So the ‘360 Beyond’ package really helps drive your business growth by:

  • Keeping your business compliant at all times
  • Giving your easy reports on the key numbers in your business
  • Develops an action plan to build a better business
  • Gives you a forecast for your business for the next year, 2 years, 3 years and beyond
  • Allows you to see how making changes in your business will affect the numbers – so “what if” you launch a new product or service, take on new premises, hire more staff………..we’ll tell you exactly how your business numbers change, can you afford the changes, what finance you might need to grow

And why is this important? By seeing the impact now of changes you are thinking of making in your business, you’ll get answers to the questions that matter: 

  • Can you make more money?
  • How much more can you make?
  • Can you save time by hiring the right people?
  • Will I hit my targets for my business?
  • Can I improve my systems and put certain parts on auto-pilot?
  • Do I need some finance to help my business grow?
  • How much finance do I need?

What’s included

Services in this package includes everything you want in ‘360 Boost’ plus:

  • Providing you with a 3-way forecast for your business
  • Predicting your Profit & Loss results in the future
  • Projecting your business Cashflow
  • Identifying if and/or when your business needs some finance
  • Checking your Balance Sheet reports in the future
  • Updating your forecasts in real-time………monthly, quarterly……..as often as you need

You’ll get to see your services delivered in real-time using the best cloud apps and systems for your business. Check out our Cloud Accounting tools and apps for your business!

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